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WOW Hybrid Gel Polish - Peach Iced Tea

WOW Hybrid Gel Polish - Peach Iced Tea - 45077-742
WOW Hybrid Gel Polish - Peach Iced Tea - 45077-742
Item #: 45077-742
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    Creamy, fruity, healthy and sooo delicious! We combine all of this with an ice-cold smoothie. Our spring colors are just as delicious. Delicate, pastel and ideally combinable with any day or evening outfit. 

    I love my Smoothie colors:

    -738 green tea frappuccino - sage green with blue undertone in cream finish

    -739 frosted matcha tea - icy green in semi sheer iridescent shimmer

    -740 blueberry milkshake - more grayish with a blue undertone (sort of the color when you add a lot of milk to a blueberry smoothie) in cream finish

    -741 raspberry whipped cream - solid pale pink in cream finish. The perfect bridal nail.

    -742 peach iced tea - light, milky peach in cream finish

    -743 strawberry chai smoothie - light terracotta in cream finish

    Discover WOW Hybrid Gel Polish from LCN. This system offers intensely bright colors and has a balancing plumping texture that compensates for irregularities and grooves and ensures a long-lasting color.

    How to Use "WOW Hybrid Gel Polish" Smoothie "

    • Remove existing nail polish and gently clean your hands with soap and water.
    • Then dry thoroughly and degrease the nail plate with Nail Polish Primer.
    • You do not need a base coat, because this is included in the color lacquer. Simply apply your favorite color and let it dry two minutes. Apply another thin layer to achieve the best result.
    • Seal the manicure with the WOW Hybrid Gel Top Coat. This ensures an ultra-glossy result and extends the durability of the color.

    The WOW Hybrid Gel Polish is gently and quickly removed with acetone-free nail polish remover.

    Our insider tip: applied every second day, the WOW Hybrid Gel Polish Top Coat provides an extra long-lasting and perfectly shiny finish.


    • removes without acetone
    • fast drying time
    • NO UV or LED light required
    • up to 10 days of perfectly painted nails
    • Base coat and color in one
    • UV light technology that reacts with daylight
    • gel-like texture
    • ultimate shine
    • optimal coverage
    • simple and quick application