MONTEIL COSMETICS INTERNATIONAL is an anti-aging specialist for timeless beauty. MONTEIL is regarded as an experienced partner in the institute area and in perfumeries and is already represented in over 30 countries worldwide. The main focus of the entire product range is to maintain the youthful skin condition in every situation. MONTEIL removes the pressure of beauty from today's modern woman and supports her to feel comfortable in your skin.

The cosmetics expert Germaine Monteil, who laid the foundation stone of the brand in 1936, goes first. "A tailor-made beauty concept for every woman that incorporates her entire personality, her innermost and her exterior." Germaine Monteil leaves a legacy that has shaped the MONTEIL brand for 80 years and places the highest demands on effective cosmetics. MONTEIL care delivers what it promises!

Following this philosophy, MONTEIL cosmetics are still developed at the highest level of science.

With the expertise of BRAIN AG, which is one of the technologically leading companies in Europe in the field of industrial, so-called white biotechnology, innovative skin care for the domestic and international cosmetics market can also be set in the future.

What is special: bioactive, natural active ingredients are used in an incomparably high-quality and at the same time optimally coordinated concentration. Here one uses symbiotic effects of various coordinated ingredients, which show effects at different places in the skin at the same time.

The MONTEIL professional products in the cabin offer the perfect solution for every skin type and different skin conditions. With MONTEIL Treatments, you can put together your customers' individual luxury care treatments. The MONTEIL home care products optimally complement the treatment rituals and are uncomplicated to use.

Let yourself be inspired by MONTEIL!