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    The innovative active agent of Pro DNA Serum is based on the latest results from Nobel prize-winning research, preserving the youthfulness of your skin. Juvinity™, protects cells against oxidative damage and optimizes the mitochondrial activity. Juvinity™ reactivates the synthesis of important elements of the dermis and maintains the functionality of the cytoskeleton while preserving the life span of cells by maintaining telomere length. 

    Telomeres & DNA

    Youthful beautiful skin is in our DNA – chromosome ends contain "telomeres", which protect DNA and provide necessary stability. With every cell division and increasing age, telomeres become increasingly shorter. After telomeres reach a certain length, cell division reduces and cells shift into sleep mode. The renewal of skin cells diminishes and the skin loses texture and firmness. Lines and wrinkles appear. 

    The MONTEIL PRO DNA Serum with Juvinity™ preserves the lifespan of cells by maintaining telomere length. Regular use visibly reduces the signs of aging in the face and neck area, while smoothing wrinkles, restructuring the skin and increasing its density. Premature aging of the skin cells is delayed by protecting the DNA in the cell nucleus, and their life cycle is prolonged. Smoothes lines, restructures the skin and increases its density.

    Apply and gently massage in the quickly absorbent serum onto the face and neck mornings and evenings. First results after 8-12 weeks.

    Available in 30ml.