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Hibiscus Foot Bath Salts, 150g

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    This invigorating peppermint scented footbath contains real hibiscus extract and sea salt crystals. Add 10ml to a bowl of warm water and soak your feet for ten minutes to stimulate circulation and revitalize. As part of a spa treatment, follow with LCN Spearmint Foot Pack and one of the Peppermint Care moisturizers for a luxurious yet simple experience.

    The peppermint plant has been known as a medicinal plant since ancient times. The essential oil of the peppermint plant is menthol, which has an invigorating and cooling effect.

    Rich in flavonoids, Hibiscus extract neutralizes free radicals that enter the body via environmental toxins or metabolic processes. In addition, flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory and antiangiogenic effect.
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