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Gold Care Gift Set

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    Since ancient times, gold has been a symbol of beauty, luxury and power.  We want you to always feel like royalty therefore our Gold Care Gift Set is fit for a queen!  The luxurious gift set includes the Precious Gold Cream, Caviar Deluxe Scrub and the Special Mono Eyeshadow in Golden Sun.  The Gold Care products are made of real gold dust that protects the skin from free radicals and toxins - the ultimate anti-aging effect! The gold is also capable of binding moisture three times its weight and thus supplies the skin with boost of freshness!

    Precious Gold Cream, 50ml, Caviar Deluxe Scrub, 50ml + Special Mono Eyeshadow golden sun

    Real Gold

    The smallest particles of this precious metal break the light on the skin’s surface and thus provide for a radiant and balancing skin complexion. Furthermore, gold provides the skin intensively with moisture.

    Champagne Extract

    This exclusive ingredient is said to have an anti-ageing effect as it stimulates the new formation of skin cells and collagen.  The antioxidants it contains are radical scavengers that also prevent the skin from ageing.

    Caviar extract

    This luxury extract gets under your skin. The caviar active ingredient complex penetrates deep into the skin cell with its mode of action.  Thus it accelerates the cell metabolism, improving micro-circulation and regulating the moisture depots of the skin.

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