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Sol Enzyme Hand Peeling, 50ml

Sol Enzyme Hand Peeling, 50ml - 64289
Sol Enzyme Hand Peeling, 50ml - 64289
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    With our sun care line SOL with UV protection your skin can now fully enjoy the summer sun, being perfectly protected. Sun bathing spoils and is relaxing. But this pleasant enjoyment also entails many risks. Without proper protection the sun turns very quickly into an enemy of the skin. Not only our face and body but also our hands are defenceless at the mercy of the sun's rays during summer. This summer SOL, named after the Roman god of the sun and protection, is a Must-Have Sun care for your hands which should not be missing in any beach bag.

    Sol Enzyme Hand Peeling
    Gentle Enzyme peeling for a smooth and refined complexion without mechanical abrasion. The enzymatic active ingredient in this deep cleansing product removes dead skin cells and cornifications gently and leaves a silky soft feeling skin behind. SOL Enzyme Peeling clarifies the skin and facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients into the Epidermis. For sun stressed skin.
    Application: Apply onto damp skin with light circular movements, leave for 1-3 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

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