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Magnetic Box Set

Magnetic Box Set - 88315-1
Magnetic Box Set - 88315-1
Magnetic Box Set - 88315-1
Item #: 88315-1
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    At LCN, not only do we strive to provide great nail products, but we look to get our clients excited about their nails and feel good! Get inspired by the gorgeous colours and unique designs of LCN�۪s Magnetic Box Set!

    Our Magnetic Polishes have made such a statement even Teen Vogue had to take notice! Seize the opportunity to stimulate your creative side by sporting absolutely stunning, chip free nails that will attract serious attention! We respect your precious time, which is why this permanent colour does not take a long time to apply.  Within minutes you will have new, exciting and permanently stylish nail colour!

    Both of these sets come in a beautiful trend box and come with a FREE heart shaped magnet!

    Instructions: Shake the polish bottle well. Apply a thick layer of magnetic polish and hold one of the magnets (diagonal or star) over the wet surface of the polish for about 10 seconds to create the design as you watch! The magnet pushes away the polish below it to mirror the pattern!
    Set 1: Iron Magic, Amazing Mauve, Fuchsia Attraction, Copper Seduction& Free Heart Magnet

    Set 2: Ferromagnetic Blue, Green Temptation, Magnetic Moments, Nude Charm & Free Heart Magnet