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Spa Hand Care

Originating from Asia, the natural ingredients of the LCN SPA Hand and Nail care are key to creating a luxurious wellness experience. While the White Tea extract is enriched with an abundant amount of natural ant-ageing properties, the Orchid extract helps provide a protective barrier between your skin and free radicals from the environment.  Soothing and regenerating aloe vera, coupled with calming waterlily extract and collagen boosting tiger grass make the LCN SPA Hand Care an effective, and exclusive choice.  Years of careful research led LCN to use only the finest of ingredients to create a spa line that relies on nature, not chemicals, to give you and your clients healthy, youthful hands!


SPA Hydro & Balance Hand & Body Bath, 24pcs
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Price: $105.90
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Orchid Hand Mask, 100ml
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Price: $35.90
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White Tea Hand Cream, 50ml
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Price: $15.90
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Milk & Orchid Hand & Nail Bath
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Price: $29.90
Item #: 51000 -

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