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Pure Gold Nail Power

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    Pure Gold Nail Power is a water-based fast-absorbed massage gel that restores smoothness, tonicity and radiance. It is enriched with enriched with keratin, amino acids and gold, this special care provides weak nails with more elasticity, resilience as well as an extreme shine. The gold particles combat drying and splitting of nails and cuticles and naturally promote healthy nail growth. Also gold reflects light on its surface and is responsible for radiance of the nail plate. Nail growth is promoted and the nail plate receives a beautiful and natural look.

    : Apply one layer of pure gold nail power onto the natural nail and the outline of the nail. Massage in gently. If applying color to the nail, apply a base coat first, then two coats of color, then a top coat to complete the manicured look.

    Key ingredients:

    • Colloidal gold A
    • mino acid derivative 
    • Keratin-like peptide 
    • D-panthenol 
    • Glycerin


    • Suspension of micro-particles of precious metal, anti-inflammatory
    • Anti-oxidizing, energizing, anti-aging
    • Efficiently targeted active ingredient for damaged nails
    • Well-proven efficient hydrating active ingredient for the nail
    •  Emollient
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    Anything natural / organic is good
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    Author: Diana

    Location: New York City

    Review Date: 5/29/2015

    I have been starting to use Pure Gold Nail Power.
    The Directions for use do not spell out clearly what nail polish to use next. Does it require another Base Coat, or does one use one's color polish right away or, is it a stand-alone product?

    LCN Response: Hi and thank you for your review. After you massage in Pure Gold Power you may apply color polish, but we first suggest using a base coat such as Diamond Power. After that apply two coats of desired color and a Top Coat - our favorite is LCN's Flash Dry & Shine.

    • natural
    • %20no%20harmful%20chemicals
    • minerals%20are%20always%20good%20ingredients
    • hardens%20and%20builds%20nails